Confidential American Intel Document: Action Plan to Suppress Islam

Not surprisingly Section 3, 6 hits the dawa/spirituality groups which are promoted by the West and who take it as a badge of honor that they have free reign in the West and non-Muslim countries :)




Action Plan to counter Islam and the Muslims
A strictly confidential document published in the newspapers Al-Madinah al-Munawarah issue 4570, al-‘Arab 6/4/1979, ad-Dawah issue Safar 1399 and in the book Callers no Rebels page 179.
From: Richard B. Mitchell – the head of the American intelligence in the United States Embassy in Cairo.
To: The head of the secret service in the CIA.
Collected information from our agents, from the Israeli intelligence, and secret reports indicate that it is necessary to direct a strong blow to the Islamic groups whose activities have started to appear in all the Arab Muslim countries and in Europe and North America. We have observed that the means of suppression and terrorism pursued at the time of President Abdul Nasser has led to the sympathy of the Muslim masses with the Muslim Brotherhood, thus leading to adverse results.
…therefore we propose the following means as alternative solutions;

FIRSTLY: It is sufficient to carry out partial suppression instead of total suppression and to limit this to the leading personalities in a way, which appears normal (natural).

SECONDLY: In regard to the leading personalities who are not selected for culmination, we advise to follow the following:

1. Those who can be tempted by lush jobs, are to be tempted, where they are kept busy with useless Islamic projects and other activities which discharge their efforts.

2. Endeavour to attract those with trading economic inclinations to contribute to the common Egyptian and Israeli project.

3. To create opportunities for work in Arab petroleum countries with highly paid salaries, which distances them from the Islamic activity in Egypt.

4. With regard to the effective elements in Europe and America we propose the following:

a. To discharge their energy in spending their efforts with the non-Muslims, and spoiling those efforts by our institutions.

b. To discharge their effort in publishing and issuing Islamic books, and foiling their results.

c. Spreading the seeds of doubt and dissension amongst their leaderships so that they become preoccupied with that rather than the Islamic activity.

THIRDLY: With reference to the Muslim youth we have to concentrate on the following:

1. To encourage the attack on the Sunnah (traditions) of Mohammed, and to raise doubt about it and the other various Islamic sources.

2. To disintegrate the Islamic gatherings to spread dispute inside them and between them.

3. To face the wave of the Muslim youth, male and female, turning to observe Islamic teachings, particularly the commandments for girls to wear Islamic dress, through the information and cultural activity, which comply solely with us.

4. The teaching and media institutions in their various stages have to continue in blockading the Islamic groups, restricting them and under-valuing their activities.

5. To change the syllabus of teaching the Islamic history and the deen (religion) in the Egyptian Schools, focusing on exposing the iniquities of the Islamic Khaleefah (Caliph) particularly at the time of the Ottomans, then showing how the Western countries progressed quickly after the defeat of
the Church and distancing it from politics.

6. Try to discharge the energy of the Muslim youth in the worshipping rituals, which are supervised by priestly leaderships that comply with our planned policy.

7. To deepen the Mathhabi (scholarly) and partial differences and to magnify them in their minds.

This is what we propose as a solution to the problem of the Islamic grouping in this critical period. And if you are convinced to this, we request you to direct the advice to the concerned authorities to embark on implementation, noticing that we are prepared here to carry out the required role of implementation.
(Signature of Richard B. Mitchell)
Head of the American Intelligence – Cairo.

~ by hammad on December 10, 2009.

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