GAZA: History Being Written Now

What is happening in Gaza is horrendous and a modern day nightmare. It is sad that a holocaust is occurring in front of our eyes and we are either paralyzed with fear or with hope. Fear of what will happen to us if we do anything or hope that someone else will come and solve our problem for us. Nonetheless, WE ARE PARALYZED!

The people of Gaza, not only need our prayers and our best wishes, but are in need of material aid. Let us become the means of helping answer some of those prayers. It is the time to create awareness and get people to step up and do something instead of sipping lattes and discussing the latest news and updates on this massacre.

What will we reply to Allah SWT when He asks us what did we do when our brothers and sisters were being slaughtered and our children were being exterminated? We are all eager to discuss history and the stories of the past and what we would have done if we were there. We reminisce about Umar giving half of his wealth and Abu Bakr giving all of his liquid wealth. We reminisce about Fatima pawning her shawl and Abu Talha Ansari putting his children to sleep hungry to  feed the guests of the Prophet SAWS.  We are no where near the caliber of these great men and women, but what are we going to give and sacrifice?!?

The scrolls of history are being compiled now, including the role we played in it. These scrolls will be unrolled on the Day of Judgement in front of Allah SWT, in front of all of the Prophets, in front of all the Angels, and in front of all of Creation. Ensure that there is something good written about you and that you made the sacrifice when the time came. 

~ by hammad on January 3, 2009.

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